Mrs. Worthy was appointed in November 1944, the school building holding 66 Devon children with 28 evacuees with more still arriving.

Miss Roberts

Miss Roberts on her retirement in 1949

Back row: G. Martin, S. Stoney, W. Seldon, E. Cann, E. Wade, E. Hockridge, K. Jordan, C. Vanstone.

Fourth row: J. Birch, C. Jordan, Mrs. Redwood, R. Pomeroy, J. Balsdon, J. Cann, R. Ham.

Third row (on left): Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Fair.

Second row: E. Cann, E. Balsdon, Miss Moore, R. Perkins, C. Short, A. Slade, N. Balston, M. Bond, E. Moase, K. Bromell, Mrs. Worthy.

Front row: ?, E. Andrew, M. Bailey, A. Seldon, Miss Roberts, M. Balston, R. Vanstone, F. Oke, Miss Moore, J. Balston.

Wireless lessons were begun in 1943 and film shows from the Ministry of Information in the Assembly Room.

In 1946 selective tests for seniors meant that some children could achieve Grammar School education at Crediton or Totnes as boarders.

Bradworthy Primary School had it’s first Open Day in 1947 when parents were welcomed.

After many years discussion the playing field was purchased for the school from A.F. Balsdon in 1948.

What a valuable asset this has proved for the use of the whole parish and Mrs. Worthy’s greatest contribution to the village.

Milk tablets - so children stay at home
Because a number of children at Bradworthy did not like the taste of the new milk tablets issued by the county council, they would not go back to school, Mr. W.L. Wickett (chairman) told Holsworthy Rural Council on Wednesday.

'Their mothers rang up the school to say that they were not to let them have any.' He added 'The tablets are now lying all round Bradworthy. You can pick them up anywhere; the children are throwing them about.'

On the motion of Mr. W. Vanstone, it was decided to protest to the County Council against the issue of the tablets.

Mr. Vanstone said it was absurd for tablets to be issued in a milk-producing district and at a time when milk production was at its peak. In his view the tablets would make the children thirstier than ever. (April 1955)

Angela Yeo

Angela Yeo's class of 1951

Back row: Dave Cole, Arthur Johns, Alan Balsdon, John Gilbert, Keith Prance, Graham Redwood, David Johnson, Malc Wright, Mrs. Angela Yeo.

Front row: Norman Trewin, Derick Cann, Shirley Brown, ?, Angela Brown, Sheila Brown, ?, Bernidett Jennings, Iris Cheese, John Cann.

After the departure of Laura Roberts from the school in 1949 there were frequent changes of staff and sickness amongst those who were appointed.

The school was sometimes closed as no staff were available locally.

A school reading class in 1953

The children with the classroom assistant are V. Bailey, J. Gilbert, J. Balsdon, M. Pennington, T. Jennings, B. Jennings, S. Brown.

So far no-one has been able to remember the name of the classroom assistant!

Exeter Education Committee were demanding certificated teachers who were unavailable until Miss A. Pearce arrived in 1951.

In 1956, the long awaited (14 years!) school canteen was built and Mrs. A. Ham became Cook Supervisor and gave exemplary service for 23 years. A real 'Mrs. Bridges'.

Parents Inspect Activities at Bradworthy Open Day
The annual Parents' Day of Bradworthy Primary School was an even more notable event than in previous years, honoured as it was by a visit from the Chief Education Officer for Devon, Mr. W.E. Philip, M.A.

Mrs. E.W. Worthy (headmistress) welcomed the visitors and also Mr. Philip. She reviewed the year's activities, which had included a school concert at Christmas, a trip to Kent's Cavern and Paignton Zoo, and a successful jumble sale which raised over £20 and enabled them to purchase games for the dinner hour on wet days. A number of scholars had attended the Devon Music Festival at Barnstaple. A special communal effort had been the compilation of a book on Bradworthy by the juniors, and she thanked all parents and friends who helped in this work by lending photographs and supplying information.

Mr. Philip spoke some encouraging words to the children and then addressed the parents. He said it was the feeling of some of the older people that too much stress was laid on enjoyment, games, sport, etc.., in the schools. This was not the case. The curriculum of the Primary School was so designed that the teacher should have a complete picture of a complete child when it was eleven years of age, in order that the next step in its education could be decided upon. Mr. Philip congratulated Mrs. Worthy on the excellent work she had done at Bradworthy. He wished more teachers could be provided, adding that two teachers for forty children was inadequate, but nothing better could be done at present.

The Chief Education Officer presented prizes to the scholars in a competition for the best collection of wild flowers. Winners were: Ruth Perkins (106 varieties); 2, Catherine Pomeroy (91); 3, Julia Knight (64). The cup for progress in general work was won by the Green House (captain, E. Glover); physical training, Red House (captain, J. Trewin). (July 1949)

Mrs Whitfield

Mrs Whitfield and pupils in 1953

Back row: Miss Jennings, Dave Johnson, Iris Cheese, Jennifer Wonnacott, Carol Jordan, Eileen Pomeroy, Andrew Rosswadoski, Leonard Bond, John Bailey, Tony Stringer, Ann Trewin, Shirley Brimacombe, Vera Cook, Graham Redwood, Nurse Bond.

Third row: ?, Michael Ward, Janet Balsdon, Arthur Sutton, Martin Bromell, Janet Wickett, Ann Wright, Gladys Trewin, Norman Bond, Alan Cann, Crystal Glover, Pat Hart, David Howard, Mrs. Whitfield.

Second row: Frank Tallamy, ?, Sheila Brown, Bernadette Jennings, T. Ovendene, Susan Badham, Val Johns, Danatu Hewitson, Glynis Shadrick, Dorothy Bond, Jennifer Wickett, Rita May, Christine Bond, ?, M. Wright.

Front row: Peter Daniel, Keith Prance, Laurence Wickett, Michael Hale, Derek Cann, Michael Stringer, David Cole, Arthur Bond, Michael Oke, Alan Balsdon, John Cann, Arthur Johns.

Mrs Pode

Mrs Pode with her pupils in 1957-8

Back row: Colin Dayman, Alan Shadrick, Pete Cleave, Alec Raffe, John Hewitson, Peter Jones, Arthur Daniel.

Middle row: Jon Schiller, Ian Bond, Liz Gerry, Liz Vanstone, Sheila Oke, Alan Oke, Mick Cleave, Miss Poad.

Front row: Sylvia Wade, Elizabeth Beecham, Shirley Petherick, Linda Schiller, Wendy Vanstone, ?, J. Vanstone, J. Brown.

Yearly concerts were held to raise funds for school equipment - a new wireless set, slide and sound projectors.

The late Mrs. Worthy, who died in 1995, retired due to ill-health in 1961.

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