Post 1961

Mr. Peter EarleWilliams arrived from Torrington to take charge of the school as headmaster in 1961.

school canteen staff

The school canteen staff in the 1960's. Mrs. Richards, Mrs. F. Johns, Mrs. T. Petherick, Mrs. S. Oke, Mrs. J. Hewitson.

With the new openness in education, he asked if the managers would care to attend school at any time to watch pupils at work, play or dinner.

He organised a school garden, craft area and obtained a sewing machine and tape recorder. School pets were accommodated and when the school pig escaped he chased it around the playing field and captured it with the feeding bucket.

A great sportsman, the playground was used during the evenings as a tennis court, a swimming pool was built at the rear of the school, children went to camp and Area Sports meetings.

school swimming pool

The first day the new school swimming pool was used - in 1969.

He encouraged football and netball and internal sports days with teams of Herons and Magpies.

The veranda was enclosed and equipped with cloakrooms, pegs and washbasins and school uniform was introduced in 1964, the familiar and practical royal blue and gold.

Swimming Pool for Bradworthy School
By this summer the pupils at Bradworthy School will have their own learner swimming pool. The head master (Mr. P. Williams) said that the pool, which measures 33ft by 17ft, will cost £500. It is hoped that half of this sum will come from the Devon County Council in the form of a grant.

In a year the inhabitants of the village, population 785, have raised £200 by public subscription and a jumble sale.

Mr. Williams explained that he thought the pool would be a good idea because at the moment not more than two of his pupils could swim. (March 1965)

In 1965 a new infant classroom was built beside the swimming pool. The pool was opened during the holidays from 1966 supervised by members of staff.

Victorian Centenary Fair

Mr. Williams supervising maypole practice in readiness for the Victorian Fayre of 1972.

In 1972 a Victorian Centenary Fair was held in the square with gaily adorned stalls and continuing with a Victorian Feast in the Memorial Hall.

In September 1972, twenty eight pupils from Milton Damerel school were welcomed to Bradworthy, together with Mrs. Brewer their head teacher.

Nursery provision was suggested for the New School to be built on a site purchased on the west side of the square.

practice session

A practice session for the Victorian Fayre

There were now 94 pupils on roll, therefore the school became a Group 3 school and a Deputy Head was appointed in 1975.

Mr. Williams left for a new appointment in Newton Abbott in 1977.

Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams with the staff and the pupils of 1972.

Back row: Joyce Cann, Angela Yeo, Lorraine Moase, Jason James, Sandra Turner, Keith Bailey, Terence Walther, Laura James, Sarah Spurr, Christopher Bond, Paul Jennings, Kath Bailey, Sally Schiller, Nicola Fry, Wendy Vanstone, Rosalind Bromell, Jennifer Hayes, Peter Williams.

Third row: Tony Vanstone, Stephen Wonnacott, Andrew Philp, Stephen Parnell, Mark Perkins, Graham Petherick, Margaret Parnell, Ann Wade, Caroline Walther, Richard Jennings, Simone Ringwood, Pauline Spurr, Peter Spurr, Jacky Turner, Angela Raffe, Sally Littlejohns, Richard Radmore, Dave Bromell, Angus Robertson.

Second row: Louise Collins, Billie-Anne Hayes, Linda Johns, Denise Bailey, Jonathan Morgan, Mark Dean, Terry Parnell, ? Walther, Paul Ringwood, ? Walther, Caroline Vanstone, Geoff Wonnacott, Thomas James, Graham Harris, Mark Putt, Suzanne Collins, Lisa Prance, Shane Gent.

Front row: Johnny Nichols, Julie Brown, Matthew James, Anthony Dennis-Jones, Sandra Birch, Kevin Jennings, Spencer Cann, Timmy Parnell, Ann Spurr, Julie Johns, Alan Granger, Margaret Wade, Clive Birch, Mick Ringwood, Lynette Clarke, Janet Tallamy, Nick Clarke, Anna Robertson, ? Walther, Alan Hatton.

Mr. Vivian Gale became the headmaster in September 1977.

Health and safety at work now ensured that no child could receive burns after a pinafore catching alight in front of an open fire as in 1912. There were now electric heaters and fire extinguishers readily available.

Home and school links were now forged and the school was linked with the playgroup to their mutual benefit.

The swimming pool was heated in 1981 and safety barriers erected at school exits.

A PTA was formed in 1981 and has raised continuous funds for, initially, the library and tape recorders, and latterly computers in four classrooms, and science equipment.

In 1983 remodelling plans were available and many exciting discoveries were made as the old familiar classrooms were converted into a new essential assembly/dining hall completely refurbished and equipped for PE.

Mr Gale

Mr Gale with his pupils in 1989.

Back row: Rachel Dayman, Trevor Lewis, Melissa Plail, Kimberley Cleave, Darren Gent, Kelly Radmore, ?, Katie Cobbledick, Leigh Gibson.

Middle row: Peter Oke, John Bluet, Jonathan Prance, Mark Elliot, James Poole, Robert Philips, Daniel Holcroft, Ben Kirby, Paul Ham, Christopher Bailey.

Front row: Sam Dennis, Joanna Hurford, Emma Philips, Kerry Shadrick, Mrs. Wood, Mr. Viv Gale, Jason Millman, Lisa Dennis, Robert Raffe, Katerine Guard.

There was no need to use the Memorial Hall for the latter, as had been done for seven years. The old playground became the site or four light and airy classrooms, library, science, cloakrooms and indoor toilets with a new playground beyond.

Great pleasure was expressed that the 112 year old building had been merged so skilfully with the 1984 extension.

Governors were told that they would have more responsibility in the running of the school and with the birth of the National Curriculum in 1989 they became more accountable.

Mr. Richard Stevenson was appointed headmaster on Mr. Gale's retirement in 1998, the eighth in the history of the school.

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