On Mr. Dunstan's arrival in 1920 we realise how important attendance was.

We read that inclement weather, deaths, funerals and influenza have adversely affected the attendance this week.

Mr Dunstan

Mr Dunstan with his pupils about 1926

Back row: Mr. H.E. Dunstan, Harold Gorrell, Cyril Piper, Archie Johns, Cecil Collacott, Jack Wilson, George Petherick, Alfred Ham.

Middle row: Albert Trewin, Joyce Dayman, Freda Gliddon, Nancy Piper, Ena Piper, Muriel Brown, Elsie Hockin, Kathleen Nancekivell, Ivy Harris, Joe Dunstan, Edwin Harris.

Front row: Denis Slee, Herbert Petherick, Elizabeth Cann, Gladys Slee, Rhoda Balsdon, Mary Cornish, Bessie Cann, Elizabeth Hockin, Frances Nancekivell, George Trewin, Fred Brown, George Hockridge.

During his term of office, stationery and text books were increased and the school was reorganised to meet new staff conditions (the demise of the monitor system) and more opportunities for teacher training.

His concluding entry on leaving for a new appointment at Horrabridge in May 1926 states the attendance is more fickle and uncertain than even our English weather.

From May 1926 to September 1926 Fred Thornton Eastwick held the fort as a supply teacher.

Miss Chubb

Miss Chubb with her pupils in about 1929

Back row: Miss F. Chubb, John Turner, Reg Oke, Bill Downing, Alan Bray, Gordon Tremeer, Les Dayman, Tom Cann.

Middle row: Claude Johns, Walter Prance, Iris Balsdon, Mabel Cornish, Elizabeth Nancekivell, Edna Nancekivell, Enid Slee, Kathleen Oke, John French.

Front row: Russell Yeo, Philip Barfett, Marj Cleave, Queenie Piper, Maggie Headon, Edith Ham, C. Birch, Harry Gorrell, Rob Nancekivell, Les Cann, Tom Wickett.

Mr. A.J. Slee becomes correspondent to the managers in July 1926 and continued until his death in 1959.

His meticulous handwriting and presentation adding clarity to all ensuing managers' meetings.

Miss Roberts

Miss Roberts with her class around 1931

Back row: H. Moase, L. Prance, L. Jennings, Norman Gorrell, I. Petherick, F. Bond, R. Sanders, G. Harris, M. Cole, Miss Roberts.

Middle row: O. Jordan, H. Prance, M. Bailey, A. Andrew, J. Vanstone, M. Colliver, C. Cole, I. Cole, Freda Bryant, R. Vanstone.

Front row: I. Sanders, W. Petherick, E. Bond, B. Vanstone, J. Manning, R. Gliddon, M. Slee, W. Dayman.

In October 1926 Llewellyn Thomas became Headmaster of Bradworthy Council School at the age of 27 years.

He introduced practical subjects which greatly pleased the boys.

He purchased first aid equipment and requested electricity in the school house and school, but this was not feasible until 1939.

Mr A.F. Balsdon

The school governor, Mr A.F. Balsdon, with pupils in the 1930's

Back Row: Fred Daniel, Audrey Prouse, C. Cholwill, Joan Kerslake, P. Barfett, L. Jennings, A.F. Balsdon, N. Blight, M. Jenkins, R. Piper, C. Gliddon, G. Piper, C. Moase.

Middle Row C. Cole, R. Vanstone, F. Balsdon, R. Cory, M. Cole, N. Kerslake.

Front Row: W. Dayman, Edith Kivell, Arthur Oke, R. Thomas, Beatrice Cole, R. Gliddon, ?, ?, M. Cory, N. Gorrell.

In 1930 lectures on Road Safety, Health and Hygiene, cleanliness of the hair and teeth, weighing and measuring children and eye tests became part of school life and longer outings took place to Messrs Fry's at Somerdale.

Senior boys and girls went to Holsworthy Secondary Modern on Friday mornings for woodwork and cookery in 1935, and in 1936 the first school bus took senior scholars to Holsworthy.

School Improvements
The Assembly Room is now serving the purpose of a day school, whilst alterations are being carried out on the Council School. A hedge at the back of the school has been removed to accommodate the extension and rebuilding of all the offices. Other minor improvements are to be carried out, including the renovation of the boundary wall. This will be the most extensive alterations that have been made at the school for many years. (September 1935)

Mr Thomas

Mr Thomas with his pupils in 1934

Back row: Rob Nancekivell, Charlie Gliddon, Marj Cleave, Nora Blight, Queenie Piper, Les Cann, Bill Cholwill.

Third row: Philip Barfett, Kit Moase, Audrey Prouse, Gwen Piper, Iris Balsdon, Doreen Cann, Maud Daniels, Bertha Headon, Arthur Blight.

Second row: Joan Kerslake, Nancy Kerslake, Mr. L. Thomas, C. Hockridge, Marg Vanstone.

Front row: Cyril Manning, Arthur Oke, Roy Cory, Stan Bryant, Fred Daniels, Harold Petherick, H. Gorrell.

The Council School now had 82 pupils.

A dining table and utensils were provided for those bringing their own meals and in 1937 there was a Christmas present for each child given by Captain and Mrs. Lockyer, namely a new 3d bit!

In June 1940 the Church Room and Assembly Room were used for evacuees with Miss Bolton, their Headmistress, in charge. Fourteen evacuees came from Bristol in 1941 with Miss Muriel Paish.

Mr Thomas

Mr Thomas with his pupils in 1935

Back row: Edgar Jennings, Gwen Piper, Pheobe Hockridge, Kitty Moase, Phylis Hockridge, E. Jennings, Bill Cholwill.

Third row: Betty Vanstone, Joan Vanstone, Isobel Cole, Christine Cole, Audrey Prouse, Eunice Bond, Nancy Kerslake, I. Andrew, Joan Kerslake, May Cole.

Second row: Owen Jordan, Cyril Manning, Joyce Manning, W. Petherick, Margery Slee, Gwen Dayman, Margaret Colliver, Fernly Petherick, Bill Cole, Fred Bond.

Front row: John Guy, Arthur Oke, R. Vanstone, Charlie Manning, ?, George Harris, Norman Gorrell, D. Lovell, Robert Thomas, Harry Moase.

The first midday meal was brought in containers from Holsworthy on 8th November 1943.

It consisted of meat pie, cabbage, potatoes, rice pudding and bread and cheese.

There were 40 meals served out of a total of 66 children present.

School milk became available straight from the cow in metal cans and each child had half a mug of this nourishing beverage.

Mr Thomas

Mr Thomas with his pupils in 1936

Back row: Fred Bond, Vernon Mitchell, May Cole, Margaret Colliver, N. Kerslake, I. Cole, P. Hockridge, L. Jennings, W. Facey.

Third row: John Guy, Arthur Blatchford, Charlie Manning, Harriet Birch, ? Andrew, E. Nancekivell, H. Prance, M. Slee, M. Cole, D. Lovell, C. Bailey, I. Petherick.

Second row: L. Wilson, R. Vanstone, Frank Bromell, Harry Moase, Rose Gliddon, M. Cory, J. Blatchford, C. Cole, J. Manning, W. Jennings, N. Gorrell, D. Turner.

Front row: W. Jennings, M. Millman, ? Prouse, Claude Wade, R. Vanstone, A. Hockridge, L. Prance, A. Gorrell, G. Jennings.

Mr. Thomas died suddenly at Upton, Bude on 3rd September 1944 at 9.45pm after serving Bradworthy School for 18 years.

His entries in the log book show him to have been a caring, firm headmaster, who was loved and respected by all who knew him.

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